Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Welcome to My MacroHistory - Part 3

However, whatever can be said of its merit, the complexity model can - even though it should not - be seen as an exercise of philosophical navel-gazing; it enables the justification of humankind as a race, but it does not consider how our potential is exercised in terms of morality, efficiency, or efficacy (as the reasons for the human decision to ignore thorium attest); it gives no measure for the worth of our worth. Therefore, while it is a tool of progression, in its current incarnation it is too conceptual to use as a tool to actually progress. This proliferates tension when compared to the temporal-spatial contexts we have traditionally justified ourselves by, because this view has served us well enough so far. If, in the face of the future humankind is facing, the complexity model desires to supplant the temporal-spatial model, it had better become a more useful tool, quickly.

The enlightened consideration of Christian's beauty of complexity brings us tantalisingly close to the reality of our worth and purpose as humans, as the most sublime expression of the awesome creative potential of the universe that we have thus far encountered. It is a tool for positivity and progression. We are very special indeed.

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