Monday, 26 December 2011

I am human.

I Am Human
J Ivory 25-12-2011

The capability and creativity of the human being
To spin shit never ceases to amaze me.
There seems no bound to what human minds can contrive
The spirit fabricate.
Potential is all too often subverted
By impulsive lusts for violent vapidity perverted.
We are creatures of insatiable appetites, of squalor and waste.
Usually of hate.
Dirty, self-deprecating, and all too often disgrace.
How can something so broken like the colossi
Inside time,
The world steward, the food chain stand astride?
But colliding astride these shattered titanic woes
Is the artisan's gift, the craft of artist and poet.
The human being is the idea of Christ
And the pungent shame-wracked dipshit on ice
And the middle-class bigoted have-me-not consuming the world
And the unwashed pot-fucked activist doing no good at all.
The 99% who claim they're fucked; the 1% who might be fucking you.
The all-like-sheep-that's-gone-astray, the philosopher caressing truth
The cashed-up bogan, the pretentious academic
The brimstone preacher spouting hatred and polemic
All of these and absolutely everything in between
These are all a part of human, you, and me, and of being.

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