Saturday, 28 January 2012

Be Your Part

I dug this out of an old notebook - it is dated July 2010.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of thinking lately. Well…more so than usual, and also a great deal healthier than usual. Basically I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I should know by now exactly what *I* want and exactly what I’m going to do to get it.
See when you spend more time than you feel you *want* to on other people, helping them, investing in them, whatever it happens to be…that’s not healthy. It’s unbalanced. And pointless, and hypocritical. At the end of the day there is a line in the sand where you must realise that people are the way they are out of choice. There are acute circumstances and situations that are exceptions to this, but think of people who are struggling – the single mothers, the friend who’s dating a shithead, the uni student drowning, in over their head, the broken hearted friend, the grandparent that is drowning in their own complacency, waiting to die… how many of those actually take the hand offered them? Not many, right? That’s because they are exactly as they feel they wish to be. They choose their reality, just as you must choose yours.
So, if all your time is spent churning over everyone elses' “issues”, it suggests subconscious hypocrisy. Such ‘idealistic’ 'care’ is often tinged with a sense of the frantic, of urgency. It smells unnecessary. And it’s certainly not healthy. What is it in yourself that you’re either deflecting or projecting? All this obsession with other people… are you not at least as valuable as them (as far as your own efforts are concerned)?
When asked in that light, it becomes quite difficult to argue against by any measure.
You’re the centre of your world. That’s how God, the Creator, Divine Spirit, whoever or whatever you know him / her / it to be, designed things. You are here, so you may as well be awesome. Enjoy your time, take responsibility for you and your world, and create the kind of life that you want. Be your part of all that is, in all the ways you wish to be.

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