Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It Is What It Is: On Relationships

Relationships tend to start with a mixture of attractions originating from mind, body, and/or spirit. 'That' relationship is where you have all three and manage to fan them into a connection and mutual feelings. If you can explore these feelings and discover through open, clear and honest communication, how to continue moving more and more in that direction, then, well, absolutely smashing.

If you discover that there are no ways to move in that direction, then, well, don't. Yes you'll feel bad, but then, it is clear that the purpose of the relationship, at this moment, is to allow you personally to get in touch with the issues that have caused you to feel that way, and why you reacted that way at that time.

Then the relationship is serving its purpose, and serving you, by allowing you to get in touch with why you feel the way you feel, and integrate these concepts within yourself.

Then, who knows: as you interact with the relationship, using it for what it's there for, then it could also change, because once something serves its purpose, it no longer needs to stick around, and so it doesn't. Different kinds of things can then come up that can open doors that weren't even there before, simply because you were willing to let the relationship be what it was, and use it accordingly.

So many times, people find they get nowhere, going around in circles, going mad, letting their fear destroy what's good about their lives, or their 'head catching up with their heart,' because they are not willing to start with allowing the relationship to be what it is. Once they allow it to be what it is, many times it then changes automatically and they actually do wind up with what they originally thought they wanted.

It doesn't always work that way, but it doesn't matter that it doesn't. Because if you use the relationship for what it's for, then YOU will change, and attract to you, no matter who it is, whatever relationship is absolutely right for you at that moment. If you get in touch with this truth, then it won't matter who it is, because the relationship - and the person - will be totally right and appropriate at that moment. People don't belong to one another, we choose each other every day.

This is how these things 'work themselves out.' Everything aligned and everything in allowance automatically balances. Automatically feels correct and appropriate and right.

And of course, never forget that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

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