Saturday, 16 March 2013

When I talk about Radical Feminism, this is what I mean!

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about what I mean when I say things like "Radical feminism is evil." To explain the problem these people who misunderstand me have, I'll borrow from my good friend James Walsh, who said it perfectly thus:

            "A lot of misunderstanding comes from the whole 'if you are not with us you must be against us'  mentality people have on topics with a lot of emotion, of which this tends to be one.

The moment you challenge almost any aspect of feminism you are going a
gainst political correctness, in which most people will make a hell of a lot of assumptions about your position that you've never said/do not hold.

As I've said before, it never seems to matter what you actually say, it matters what people hear. Unfortunately these two things can differ substantially."

Contrary to what almost everyone will admit to you out loud, women hold literally all the power; the entirety of the hundreds and thousands of years of successful evolution, and existence, of the human species and civilisation itself is fundamentally founded on the biological imperative that men do things for women, and women respond accordingly. This relational 'glue' is the progenitor of all other social, political, and relational paradigm. And every woman alive knows exactly how much power she has. This is a good thing, a very very good thing, except when women exploiting and abusing it.

If a man weaponises his innate sexuality to exploit and abuse others, for his own selfish gain, we call him a rapist and give him a jail sentence. If a woman does the same thing, we laud her as being strong, independent, and successful - usually a 'radical feminist,' and give her a pat on the back and welfare money.

It's usually perfectly wonderful and respectable women - almost always friends of mine - and white knights - almost never friends of mine - who will argue with me about this concept before they think about it. It is these people to whom I write this article. You seriously need to understand the kind of women you're defending when you tell me things like 'all the science disagrees with you,' and 'you're misinformed about (radical) feminism.'

My hope is that anyone who reads this will think twice before a) falling into the trap eloquently described above by James, and b) defending these thunderously detestable anti-human bitches that I am defining as radical feminists.

To the best of my knowledge all of these stories are true - and if they are not, they are indicative of what happens relentlessly and increasingly, worldwide. I've provided simple facebook and other screencaps only in this post, for the purposes of making my point clear and accessible.
The signs in the image above depict what you won't ever find painted on a radical feminist's banner.


Of the two examples here, which one do you think I fully support? Not the slut-walkers on the right. They are self-entitled, sawn-off shits who can only become more frivolous, self-absorbed, and militant with time.

Affirmative action and 'women's only' benefits, payments, welfare, societies, etc. are just like this - because they all must begin with the implicit premise that women are weak and need the help. In fact I know the opposite to be true...this couldn't just be fraud or manipulation of the system, could it?

...this one perhaps more than any other captures mortifying abuse of several men and several children, and these despicable people are using the legal system to do it, for their own personal gain. 

This picture says a thousand words, and so do the bullet points under it. So the only word I have to add to it here is - Bravo!
Yes...depressingly, people like this actually exist.

And this...

And yes, even like this, too.

Is it possible that any sane and decent person could defend or condone this behaviour?

The reason I think feminism is misguided is another topic for another day, but the short version is that it instills a sense of entitlement and other profoundly detrimental traits that pave the highway for the kind of behaviour and people seen in the pictures I have shared here. It is these that I label radical feminists. It is these that I hate. And if you still defend them, or are one yourself, then you should feel deeply ashamed.

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