Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Madness and Gravity.

"You see, madness is just like gravity...all it takes is a little push!" ~ Heath Ledger's Joker.

"Love is metaphysical gravity." ~ R. Fuller

We don't need the word 'metaphysical.' Love is Gravity. Gravity is Love. Ask Stephen Hawking and he'll tell you it's true.

With that in mind, what one could extrapolate from the Joker's comment is that love and hate, light and darkness, are remarkably similar. All they both take are a little push. They are remarkably powerful, the prime movers and shakers of our destinies.

They are in fact among the greatest powers in the Universe. And the greatest powers require the lightest touch. This is why God himself is all but invisible.

And every day we make choices, with each and every one nudging us and the people around us a little (or a lot) in one direction or the other.

In life we all balance on the razor's edge of doubt, and what we decide to do every single new moment shapes everything we are and will become. Inch by inch, mile by mile, lifetime by lifetime, friend to foe and foe to friend, two steps forward, one step back.

All it takes is a little push. Make the calls that will snowball you towards gravity. Towards love. Towards everything you deserve by right of your very existence. By your birthright, your destiny, which is written by God on the canvas of the heavens, with the ink of the stars themselves.

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